About Valiant Solutions 
Valiant Solutions is the answer to your high rise and commercial window cleaning needs. We clean windows year-round and provide quality service to our clients. Our primary customer base includes (but is not limited to) high rise properties, large commercial buildings and townhouse complexes. 
Valiant Solutions prides itself on exceptional delivery of service that ensures the excellence of our work and guarantees customer satisfaction. We will not leave a job until you are satisfied with our service.
We are locally owned, operated, and understand the Alberta market, providing you with quality service that is suited to our constantly changing Calgary environment. Valiant employees are proud to offer you quality service that they would be happy to display on their own homes.
The Valiant team is fully prepared with $5 million liability insurance, WCB and a complete range of professional window cleaning equipment. Valiant Solutions are ready to make your windows spotless.
Josiah Gurnsey 
Dustin Finley
Josiah is one of the rare ones born and raised in Calgary. A mountain lover, he escapes as often as possible to strap on his snowshoes and explore the Rockies with his wife. He is deeply involved in a community program that influences youth to be confident and secure in who they are.    
An avid rock climber, this mountaineer loves his wife, three kids and dog more than anything else in this world. In his spare time, you'll find him playing his guitar or planning his next adventure around the globe.

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